Ryan Nelson

Co - Founder

Ryan Nelson is passionate about consumer, experiential retail, and digital/tech startups. He seeks to build and / or invest in the brands of tomorrow that elevate the lives of consumers.
He is the Co-Founder of INTER_, an interactive art experience for all ages based in Soho, NYC. Ryan co-founded Jobi Brands and helps both to conceive and launch new ventures and to provide ongoing support for existing portfolio companies. Additionally Ryan is an advisor, primarily focusing on consumer, TMT and finance. He provides guidance to clients ranging from early-stage startups through to the public sector. He leverages his well-rounded skill-set in strategy, operations, finance, and deal execution gained through experience working for leading global firms such as Oliver Wyman (strategy / operations consulting) and Citi (investment banking), as well as a startup, Mostest.


  • 15+ years of experience across investment banking, strategy consulting, and startups
  • Co-Founder of Jobi Brands - focusing on building Direct-to-Consumer brands with well-known celebrities
  • Co-founder of celebrity backed businesses – Homecourt & Oh Norman!
  • Co-Founder of interactive art experience INTER_IAM in NYC
  • JOBI Capital – day to day support for portfolio companies; deal sourcing, screening, and diligence lead
  • Board member of Homecourt, Oh Norman!, and INTER_IAM, observes boards of Quiqup and Baby Mori
  • MBA from Wharton, BA from Harvard